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20th Anniversary Celebrations!
Honoring Dr. Suzuki's vision of creating fine human beings through music.

BSSA commemorated its 20th Anniversary this year with celebrations of music and memories! Since its beginning in 1994, BSSA has nurtured over 450 children and their families from all over southeastern Wisconsin. The celebrations were a time to reconnect with alumni, celebrate with current BSSA students and honor the founders, Celestine Fitzgerald and Barbara Schaefer.

November 2013 - Homecoming Celebration Weekend
BSSA alum, Dr. Heather Braun gave master classes, a radio interview and solo recital!

Dr. Heather Braun returned to Milwaukee for a week-long celebration of all she has accomplished since her training at BSSA. She started off her week with a thoughtful, informative and engaging interview and performance on Milwaukee Public Radio's own show, Lake Effect. Listen to it here - MP3 file. Later in the week Dr. Braun gave inspiring master classes to BSSA students. During these classes, the students learned strategies and techniques to improve their overall playing. She also worked with BSSA's advanced performing ensemble, Brioso. These student had the opportunity to perform side by side with her during her inspiring solo recital that featured works of Handel, Schumann and more. The weekend was a wonderful celebration of the accomplishments of BSSA alum, Dr. Heather Braun!

March 2014 - 20th Anniversary Festival Concert and Celebration
Festival Concert, Alumni Opportunities and More!

The weekend of March 23rd was filled with joy, gratitude and celebration as BSSA families, students, alumni and the greater Milwaukee community gathered to celebrate and honor the work of BSSA and the dreams and accomplishments of its founders, Celestine Fitzgerald and Barbara Schaefer.

The celebrations began with an alumni open house held on Saturday. Alumni and alumni families gathered to reconnect and remember the special times spent with Barcel. It was a time of reminiscing and reconnection. Smiles and laughter were shared throughout the day.

The celebrations continued the next day with the 20th Anniversary Festival Concert. The concert's theme was Seasons. We celebrated the past, present and future "seasons" of BSSA. To help celebrate the past we asked BSSA alum, Stephanie Shogren and her band, Clocks and Clouds to perform for us. MUZIKREVIEWS.COM said, "Clocks and Clouds is one of the most unique and engaging bands I have heard in quite some time. Their mixture of rock, classical and instrumental tracks will arouse your senses and keep you coming back to see, no pun intended, what makes them tick." The energy and excitement of their performance was contagious!

The concert also showcased the alumni of BSSA. Members of the original Advanced Performing Group, now known as Brioso, came back and performed with current graduates and everyone in between. It was touching to see so many alumni come back and join us on stage for the first movement of Bach's Concerto in D minor for Two Violins as well as Edelweiss and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. To see the history of Barcel come alive on stage honored our founders and inspired the entire audience!

Through the support of generous donors, volunteers, staff and bidders Brioso was able to raise funds to continue its mission to serve and inspire growing Suzuki students and their families. The Silent Auction was a wonderful opportunity for the wider community to help celebrate and support BSSA. Thank you to everyone who contributed!
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"There is no born genius. Education is the way to develop ability."
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