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Barcel Suzuki String Academy Lessons & Activities

The Barcel Suzuki String Academy aspires to create an environment of learning and excellence, using music as a tool to nurture the whole child and enrich the community through outreach. Consistent with the Suzuki philosophy, both individual and group experiences provide motivation and a nurturing environment essential to the development of the Suzuki student.

  • Private Lessons
    These carefully guided weekly lessons provide the student and parent with the tools to help home practice. With the parent, teacher and student working together, technical and musical progress is a natural response.

  • Group Lessons
    These classes, offered weekly, are designed to motivate students, reinforce the individual lesson and provide a guided opportunity for review, repetition and musical growth.

  • Ensemble Class
    This class meets twice a month and provides the growing student with an opportunity to explore music with multiple parts. The student is taught the ensemble skills necessary for performance while continuing to raise the performance excellence of standard repertoire.

  • Barcel Brioso
    Brioso, the advanced performing ensemble of BSSA, is a diverse and exceptional group of talented violinists. The musicians are chosen to carry on Brioso's mission to encourage and motivate young students and their families.

  • Parent Education
    The Suzuki philosophy begins with the education of the parent. During the beginning student's private lessons, time is set aside for parent education and support. Topics such as listening, practice, philosophy, community and more are explored. As the student progresses, parent education is supported by parent talks. The parent talks continue the conversations about practicing, as well as issues of advancing students.

  • Suzuki Early Childhood Education (SECE)
    For children ages 0-3 and their parents, these classes share the same goals as the instrumental lessons. SECE classes seek to do more than just develop a child's musical ability. They aim to build on the child's natural delight in learning and lay the foundation for future learning and the development of the whole child.
  • Group Performances
    Performance opportunities include outreach performances at nursing homes, shopping malls and museums as well as other community events such as conventions and small parties.

  • Solo Recitals and Ensemble Recitals
    Two solo recitals are offered each year. These recitals give each student the opportunity to perform polished repertoire to a high level and express himself/herself musically. Every other year, students present an Ensemble Recital. This recital emphasizes collaboration between students and the ability to express multiple musical voices as one.

  • Festival Concert
    This all-academy concert is offered biennially. It builds a sense of community and stimulates excellence in musical growth.
Supplemental Activities
  • Winter Wonderland Workshop
    This event is held biennially. It acquaints students and parents with different teachers, teaching styles and ideas while being extremely motivational both musically and personally.

  • Conference Week
    These conferences give everyone an opportunity to reflect on the past year and discuss future goals for the child's musical and personal growth.

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