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Is Suzuki and the Barcel Suzuki String Academy for me?
An early beginning, a nurturing environment, quality musical training plus a strong partnership among parents, teachers and community are the foundation of the Barcel Suzuki String Academy. The faculty of BSSA can provide the best nurturing musical and learning environment for your child and family. Hundreds of families have already come to embrace Dr. Suzuki's philosophy through our Suzuki-based violin instruction.

How young can/should I start my child in the program?
We offer Suzuki Early Childhood Education classes for students as young as 6 weeks of age through 3 years of age. Private violin lessons generally begin at age 3 or older.

Can I begin instruction during a session that is already in progress?

Can I observe a lesson?
One of the best ways to get started in our program is to come and visit! Please call to set up an observation.

Where are classes held?
Our group classes are held in Wauwatosa at St. Joseph's School and in Mequon at Logemann Community Center. We have private teachers in Wauwatosa, Thiensville, and Shorewood, so please call us for more information.

Do I need to buy a violin?
A violin is not needed for the first lesson. All that is needed is the Revised Suzuki Violin School Volume 1 Book and CD as well as a notebook for taking notes.

What is the Beginning Parent Class and do I need to participate in one?
The Suzuki philosophy begins with the education of the parent. This required class provides a concentrated time for beginning parents to understand and implement the Suzuki philosophy while forming a supportive community with other new Suzuki parents of BSSA.

Can my child take private lessons only, instead of enrolling in both private lessons and group classes?
The success of Suzuki Method instruction is heavily dependent upon both private and group class instruction. In order to provide the best music education possible, we require all students to enroll fully in the program, which includes both private lessons and group classes.
Interested in becoming a BSSA student?

Call to arrange an observation!

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"When love is deep, much can be accomplished."
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