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General Policies

Private Lessons
  1. Regular attendance at private lessons is expected. While everything possible will be done to accommodate requests for changes within 7 days of a missed lesson, makeup lessons are not a part of the lesson policy.

  2. Families of Colleen Fitzgeralds will receive a copy of the instructor's schedule. If you cannot attend a lesson please contact another family & trade lesson times. Once the trade is made please contact your teacher to inform her of the switch. If this option is exhausted, then contact the teacher. Families of Mrs. Cel Fitzgerald and Mrs. Barbara Schaefer please see the instructor to make a change.

  3. If your child must miss a lesson due to illness or school event and a lesson time change is not possible within 7 days of the missed lesson you must be willing to forfeit the lesson. Please remember that your child's lesson time is secured specifically for your child. Likewise, other times have been secured specifically for other students. Asking for a rescheduled lesson outside of the 7 day window leads to additional work and organizational difficulties for the teachers.

  4. In the event of a family emergency or an extended illness, please contact your teacher.

  5. If the teacher needs to cancel a lesson, it will be rescheduled before the end of the session. If the agreed upon rescheduled lesson is then canceled by the family, you forfeit the lesson.

  6. No refunds will be given for prepaid lessons.

  7. Parents are a critical arm of the Suzuki Triangle. With this in mind, if a cell phone call must be answered during the lesson, the lesson will stop until the call is finished, so the parent can fully participate in the learning process.
Group Lessons
  1. Regular attendance is expected. Please carefully consider over committing your child with too many extracurricular activities.

  2. Barcel Brioso members must attend group regularly & attend the last rehearsal before a performance/tour in order to be eligible to participate.

  3. To participate in the All-Academy Concert families must attend a minimum of two group lessons per month.

  4. Regular attendance at group lessons enables students to be eligible for selection to perform at significant private performing opportunities.

  5. To maintain an effective learning environment, parents please keep conversations to a minimum. Also please bring quiet activities for siblings. Running & loud talking is unacceptable. Students & siblings not in class are to be supervised at all times.
Weather/Snow or Ice Related Lesson Cancellations
  1. Private Lessons - Due to the varying locations of private lessons and the difference in travel for families, private lesson weather related cancellations will be determined on a case by case basis. For weather related private lesson cancellations, please contact your private lesson teacher. An online (Zoom lesson) is an option if both teacher and family agree and are able to do so. BSSA teachers are afforded one missed lesson per student per academic year due to weather related circumstances. Teachers are not obligated to reschedule this one lesson and families will receive no tuition reimbursement for this lesson. Additional private lesson weather cancellations will be rescheduled either in-person or online or the family will receive a tuition reimbursement for the cancelled lesson.

  2. Group Lessons and Performance Opportunity Cancellations - Families will be notified of all group lesson and performance opportunity cancellations no later than 2 hours before a scheduled event when BSSA decides inclement weather is in the area (ex. business/school closings or after school and evening events cancelled). All notifications will be posted on the BSSA Facebook page and sent via the REMIND app and email. If in doubt about group lesson or performance opportunity cancellations please contact your teacher.
Summer Lessons

Continuing instrument study during the summer is a requirement of BSSA. Students will have the option of choosing 6, 7, 8, 9, or 10 lessons for the summer session.
  1. A minimum of 24 hours notice must be given for any missed lessons during the summer or you forfeit the lesson.

  2. There are no summer lesson credits.

  3. If additional lessons beyond the 10 lessons offered are requested, the fee of $17.00 per 30 minutes will be charged.
Participation in Non-Barcel Auditions

Fees for participation in auditions and the accompanist fees are the responsibility of the student and his/her family.

Uniform Policies

Formal Attire
  • Long sleeve white dress shirt
  • Black dress pants
  • Black dress shoes
  • Black socks
  • Black belt
Formal Attire
  • 3/4 sleeve or longer white dress shirt. No color allowed on shirt.
  • Black skirt to the knee or longer OR black dress pants
  • Black opaque tights or socks
  • Black close-toed dress shoes
  • Hair bows optional (white only)
Summer Attire
  • Barcel T-shirts
  • White, red or khaki shorts, long pants or skirt
  • Nice shoes
Barcel Brioso
  • Long sleeve black dress shirt
  • Black bow tie
  • Black dress pants
  • Black socks/black belt
  • Black dress shoes
Barcel Brioso
  • Concert black attire
  • 3/4 sleeve or longer
  • Skirts to the knee or longer OR dress pants
  • Black dress shoes
  • Black opaque nylons
Barcel Brioso
Casual Attire
  • Brioso T-shirts
  • Khaki long pants or long skirt
  • Nice shoes
Pertaining to the Formal attire for the girls and boys
  1. Students playing Go Tell Aunt Rhody and beyond are required to adhere to the uniform policy.

  2. Students not yet playing Go Tell Aunt Rhody will perform in "Sunday best" attire.

  3. Each fall and occasional spring, uniforms will be checked by teachers at lessons for fit and appropriateness.
Pertaining to the Formal attire for Barcel Brioso
  1. Brioso ladies concert black attire is formal wear that includes skirts or dress pants.

  2. During performances no wrist, neck, or ring jewelry may be worn. For performances, hair of both ladies and gentlemen must be off of the performer's face.

  3. Each fall and occasional spring, uniforms will be checked by teachers at lessons for fit and appropriateness.
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